YPA and ADM Merge

In a move that has been in the works for nearly a year, the Yellow Pages Association (YPA) and the Association of Directory Marketing (ADM) today announced that their Boards have given unanimous approval to merge the two organizations.  Both organizations have had members that spanned both print and online publishing companies, certified marketing representatives (CMRs), advertisers, and suppliers.  The merger proposal will now go to their memberships for a   vote.  Approval is expected.

In the official press release YPA President Neg Norton noted that “Our industry is amidst a dramatic and exciting transformation.  For 130 years, we have changed and adapted to advertiser and consumer trends.  Today, our members are evolving from single-product to multi-platform advertising companies that help local and national businesses generate relevant sales leads across print, digital, mobile, social and other mediums.  With the changes in our industry, it only makes sense for us to also transform the associations that represent them.”

On behalf of ADM members, Nancy Augustine, Senior Vice President, ADM also commented that “Our mutual interest is to serve the needs of our members and this combination will create substantial value for them.  Our impact will be greater working together.  The objectives of our organizations are aligned, and given the rapid change in local search, we can be much more effective operating as a single unit.”