Tech Talk: SuperMedia Adds QR Technology To the Mix

SuperMedia today announced it will be integrated Quick Response (QR) code technology into its Verizon(R) SuperYellowPages directories, Frontier(R) Superpages directories, and SuperpagesDirect(R) direct mail.  By scanning and clicking on the code consumers can download the free SuperpagesMobile(R) application, view and search from their local Superpages home page, register for SuperMedia’s free SuperGuarantee(R) program and view online local coupons.

new QR code from SuperMedia

How it Works

  1. First you may need to download a QR code reader application to your smartphone/iPhone/Driod (if your phone doesn’t already have one). Most QR code readers are free.
  2. Access the QR code reader (which will act like a camera in most ways) and take a picture of the QR code appearing on the covers or in the SuperYellowPages.
  3. A picture of the QR code with the URL will appear on the screen.
  4. Click on URL and be taken to your local page where you can download the SuperpagesMobile app or to an array of local online coupons.

Our Take:

Interesting use of new technology.  Very hip and current.  Like that it also linked to the traditional print product sources.  But at end of day will it drive more usage???  Not sure.  Jury is still debating.  We need to give it a chance.

Kudos for making the effort.  How will their sales reps position it with their client base???

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