Yellow Book – New Campaign Rolled Out – “Beyond Yellow”

Yellow Book USA today announced the launch of its new advertising campaign “Beyond Yellow”. This effort is suppose to show how small businesses are leveraging the company’s Yellowbook360 suite of products and services, to help grow their businesses.

The campaign developed by Gotham Inc. will run nationally in TV, print, radio, mobile and digital banners featuring local business clients who’ve have used Yellow Book’s products and services such as online ads/video, website packages, search marketing, and direct mail.

The company CEO Joe Walsh noted that “…today, with so many ways to search, the business owner’s job has become more complicated and they’re turning to us for help…”

Marty Orzio, chief creative officer at Gotham was left to comment that “…I believe the way we’ve executed this idea will certainly attract the small and mid-sized business owner seeking confidence, clarity and growth.”

Our take:

So where’s the print??  It is exciting to have anyone in the industry tout the benefits the industry brings to small/midsized businesses who are trying to sort through the many options they have available to them and make the best decision they can with what limited money they can allocate to advertising during these tight economic times.  But it’s a little disappointed that the print products, which still yield the vast majority of the company’s revenue, and continue to provide top value to their users and advertisers, only gets an “oh yeah, we do that too” kind of mention.

Perception is becoming reality for the industry.  Maybe this is what Yellow Book wants???

One response to “Yellow Book – New Campaign Rolled Out – “Beyond Yellow”

  1. They are pretty well known around the US for their print yellowpage dominance know what’s going on for any small to medium sized buisness in America.

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