Is Advertising Missing It’s Best & Biggest Target??

We’ve all heard the same old message of doom and gloom about how people aged 18-34 never use print Yellow Pages, that the industry needs to come up with new ways to attract their interest and their spending, etc. etc. etc..  But it seems like that focus on the younger demographic may be misplaced.

A recent study by the Nielsen Company indicates that Baby Boomers (that age group that has an estimated  78 million strong in the U.S.) are spending 38% of CPG (consumer package goods) dollars, yet less than 5% of advertising dollars are targeted to adults 35-64 years, which include Boomers (born 1946-1964) and the latter half of generation X (born 1965-1976). Could marketers be missing the biggest piece of the market with their obsession towards the younger groups???

This from Pat McDonough, Senior Vice President, Insights, Analysis and Policy at the Nielsen Company:

“..Boomers should be as desirable for marketers as Millennials and Gen-Xers for years to come; they are the largest single group of consumers, and a valuable target audience. As the U.S. continues to age, reaching this group will continue to be critical for advertisers.”

Some additional findings from the Nielsen study about Boomers:

  • The group dominates 1,023 out of 1,083 consumer packaged goods categories (yes, they are buying lots of stuff)
  • Boomers are big online shoppers, comfortable using email and messaging to stay in touch.
  • Boomers comprise 1/3 of all TV viewers, online users, social media users and Twitter users (Was that an AGH!!! I just heard from all the Millennials..)
  • More likely to have broadband Internet access at home (who says Boomers aren’t wired??)

So why are most marketers ignoring more than half of the affluent Boomers, those with the money to spend, and only targeting only to 18-49 year olds??  I really can’t tell you.  Sounds like they are really missing an opportunity here.

Our take:

Every Yellow Pages advertiser needs to know that if you want to reach those Boomers who have money to spend, who are ready to buy locally NOW, our print directories are there for them 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with no special connections or wireless communications required, they often come in larger print (so we can see things easier), and they are organized in a manner which is logical and easy to use so they can find your business quickly.

Did I also mention our IYP and mobile products are pretty good too???

One response to “Is Advertising Missing It’s Best & Biggest Target??

  1. Well written and to the point, Ken.

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