Kuk, Baldwin & Associates Announces Launch of Sell4Search

Kuk, Baldwin & Associates has announced the launch of “Sell4Search,” a unique website for small business advertisers and available only through YP publishers – with an aim to “educate” advertisers in basic advertising principles with a bias toward Yellow Pages.

Sell4Search teaches with animated mini-tutorials and also provides heading-specific resources for ad copy, headline ideas, local market data, etc.

Each participating publishers will have a portal page to the system, with blocks of passwords to give advertisers access.   The site will be added to regularly, so it will keep advertisers coming back and seeing the publisher’s message frequently.

Major benefits of this low-cost tool include are expected to include:

1.  It can be used by sales reps as a closer.

2.  It will strengthen advertiser perception of Yellow Pages.

3.  It motivates reps to be conversant in the material covered.

4.  It captures advertiser e-mail addresses.

For more info, call Tom Baldwin at 800-562-7986 or visit www.kukbaldwin.com

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