Start-up activity to accelerate? Wishful thinking or reality?

Finally back from a long holiday break — great to see family again and spend some time in warmer weather — so why don’t I have an office in Florida??

This news item from our friends at Young & Associates :  they spotted an article from The Boston Globe  that suggests new business start-up activity will accelerate in 2011.

Given how bad New England area got hammered with this recession, is this just wishful thinking or reality?  The article notes that:  “…Venture capital is plentiful, and looking for investment opportunities as big paydays seem increasingly possible..”

Now wouldn’t that be nice.  We are all rooting for improvements in this economy.  We’ve been down in the dumps for too long now.  We’re ready to get back to work, back to a more prosperous business environment, and may even have some people in Congress now that will actually listen to what small business people need and want….


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