News U Can Use — July

These news items are brought to you by Kuk & Baldwin:

SECURITY NEED INCREASES.     When the economy is down, burglary and
property crimes go up.   Indeed, all facets of the private security industry are doing well and running at a $160 billion-a-year clip – with alarm systems accounting for some $35 billion of that and growing by 7%-8% a year.
Regarding home alarm systems, the trend is to wireless, especially with many homes abandoning land phone lines.   Also, homes with a monitored system,
including wireless, are 3 times less likely to be broken into or robbed
than homes without one.   And while security firms still install most systems, more and more locksmiths are finding alarms to be a reliable new revenue stream (Locksmith Ledger, 6/11).

NEW BUSINESS MODEL?  Since the “Great Recession” began late in
2008, more people have become entrepreneurs than during the prior 15 years –
and the future will likely bring more of the same.   According to a 2009 report by MIT, freelance positions are expected to make up half of all new jobs during a recovery – in part because of online technology, and also the fact that many firms find they can operate efficiently by shrinking permanent staff and using
freelancers.   Many freelancers will look for work on freelance websites like Elance, but some may need good YP representation (Christian Science Monitor, 6/13/11).

REMODELING BITS.     A recent Scarborough Research survey found
that the most common home improvement projects undertaken by homeowners in the past year were landscaping, 29%; interior painting or wallpapering, 28%;
carpeting/floor covering, 14%; and bathroom remodeling, 13% (Research Alert,
6/3/11)…. Pennsylvania builders have beaten back a proposed law requiring
fire-sprinkler systems for all new construction (Journal of Light
, 6/11)….A bill has been introduced in the Senate to require
lenders to consider energy-saving factors when offering mortgages (Remodeling,

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Other recent media/advertising news:

Survey:  Advertisers & Marketers More Optimistic
An AdAge survey of 3,200 advertisers and marketers reveals the industry is feeling a bit more positive about things, with executives saying they’re more optimistic about boosting their ad budgets than at any other time in the past four years. Advertiser Perceptions carries out the survey every six months, and the latest result marks a turnaround from more cautious sentiment in the immediately previous sampling.  (Source)

Revised forecast calls for 20% growth for online ads
eMarketer has revised its online ad spending estimate for this year as results are more robust than previously projected.  Online is expected to now grow 20% to $31.3 billion The company earlier estimated a 10.5% increase to $28.5 billion.
Display ads, which are projected to rise 25% to $12.3 billion, are helping to
fuel the growth.  (Source)

TV ad spending is expected to hit $68 billion by 2015
A new forecast from eMarketer predicts that overall traditional media advertising will be basically flat for the next couple of years, TV ad
spending, which was $59 billion last year, is expected to climb to $64.5
billion in 2012 and on to $68 billion by 2015. (Source)

TV Part 2:  some additional good news for TV:  NBC’s Super Bowl ad sales are strong, despite the fact that we aren’t even sure there will be a pro football season, with nearly half the ad time already sold for the February, 2012 game. As was true with Fox last year, automakers are the ones “driving” the market. Exact prices are not being shared, but it appears NBC will be able to push increases beyond the typical increase of $150,000 from year to year which would easily topping last year’s going rate of $3 million for a 30-second spot.   Who says advertisers have no money to spend?? (Source)

TV Part 3:  Time Warner is increasing the number of TV channels and programs it pipes over the Internet to people with conventional pay-TV subscriptions, as the TV business faces growing competition from Web-video services.  (Source)

More e-mails are being delivered; fewer opened
Another new media advertising tool doesn’t seem to be working as
well.  According to Harte-Hanks, delivery rates for subscription-based e-mail sends rose slightly to 95% for 2010, but average open rates dropped from 26% to 17%.   Click thru rates stayed level at 3%. Harte-Hanks advises e-mail marketers to keep their lists “clean” by handling right away bounces and opt-out requests; targeting messages and running them at set intervals; and testing each message.  (Source)

More Newspaper Good News/Bad News

Gannett, the publisher of USA Today announced that its Q2 profits fell 22%.  The good news:  the profit drop was smaller than Wall Street was expecting and digital sales were “strong”.  As a result, the company had more than doubled its dividend.  (Source)

Three advertising elements that trump creativity
Don’t let the desire to be creative get in the way of communicating the three main elements of advertising, Ryan Caligiuri, a Winnipeg-based marketing specialist writes. No matter what, your advertisement should state the benefits of your product, give customers a reason to buy and include a simple, repeatable tagline (can you say RASCAL factors Yellow Pages people….).  (Source)


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