News U Can Use – March

These news items are brought to you by Kuk & Baldwin:

MORE THAN A SMILE.     An extensive survey found that some 70% of individuals went to a dentist at lest twice in the previous year for a checkup and/or cleaning, while another 19% went once and 11% didn’t go at all.   But most of today’s dentists go beyond the smile and routinely look for oral clues to a number of other problems, including diabetes, possible cardiovascular problems, Addison’s disease, HIV, yeast infections, and even iron-deficiency. Should dentists advertise such so-called “practice drift”?   Maybe not specifically, but a YP ad can include copy that refers to the dentist’s website for information on the overall health benefits of oral checkups (Consumer Reports, 2/12; Personal Journal, 12/27/11).

RESTAURANT SALES.     The National Restaurant Association says US restaurant sales on a typical day come to $1.7 billion.   If you multiply that by 300 days, annual revenue tops $500 billion – an average of over $4300 a year per household spent in restaurants ranging from quick-serve to take-out to fine dining.   Thus, if your YP covers a 30,000 household area, you can tell restaurant advertisers that locals spend as much as $129 million a year on restaurant food – plenty of reason to advertise in the YP (Restaurant News, 12/19/11)

CALL TRACKING.     As you know, an advertiser can test several ad media at the same time with multiple RCF numbers.  Now, it’s easier to do that with call-tracking companies like that let advertisers choose a toll-free, local, or vanity number for each ad medium they use.   For example, a spokesman lists 27 media in which one of their numbers can track calls.   Here is what he says about YP:  “Listing your business in the YP is a necessity.   Why?   Because many people still use the phone book and an increasing number of people search the YP online.”   You can recommend call tracking to your advertisers – but never without an ROI projection (Auto Pro Workshop, 12/21/11).

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Other recent media/advertising news:

ZenithOptimedia Believes Global Ad Growth Coming
ZenithOptimedia has updated its December global ad spending forecast, raising it to 4.8% to $489 billion this year. Breaking it down, trouble in Europe continues to keep spending down, Asia and Latin America will offset that with higher gains.  For the US, projections are call for 5.3% growth in 2013 and 6.1% in 2014. (Source)

More US Advertising Estimates — Kantar: U.S. Ad Spend Dropped 1% in Q4
Kantar Media revised its estimate of U.S. ad spending for 2011, pegging an increase at 0.8%, to $144 billion. The rate of spending growth slowed across media, including cable TV, network TV, search and digital display. Data also indicate that spending declined 1% in the fourth quarter. (Source)

At $40 billion in U.S. Online Spending, Print Gets Passed
This article came out a few months ago, but I thought this was worth noting.  Online advertising is expected to approach a $40 billion watermark by year’s end, zipping ahead of newspapers and magazines for the first time, per eMarketer’s estimate. Double-digit growth through 2014 is expected to yield more than $52 billion then as advertisers become increasingly comfortable with integrated efforts. (Source)

More on Online Advertising:   The $684 billion Internet economy
We all know that the Internet has grown to be a major media and impact on our lives.  Just how big?  At $684 billion in 2010, the Internet has grown to the point that it contributes more to the U.S. economy than the agricultural, construction and education sectors as well as the federal government itself, according to a Boston Consulting Group study. The 4.7% the Internet generated ties Japan for fourth place in its percentage of gross domestic product, behind the U.K., South Korea and China. (Source)

As a point of reference, in 2009 we talked about how the Yellow Page industry has nearly a trillion dollars in economic impact in the local communities we serve (link to article).

Trust:  Millennials have money but don’t trust TV, can’t recall ads
Print Yellow Pages has always had a super high trust level amoung users.  While the millennial generation commands $170 billion in purchasing power (per a comScore report) and are very comfortable with computer technology and mobile media, they are very wary of traditional television advertising and harder to influence than other generations. (Source)

Americans are driving their cars longer than ever
Noticed more clunkers on the road?  There is a reason why — the length of car ownership among American drivers has reached an all-time high of 71 months, according to an R.L. Polk study. The trend is attributed to the economy, better warranties, and higher reliability which are collectively are negatively impact new-car sales. My 2005 F-150 is paid for.  Not sure I will be shopping for $500+ month payment for a new vehicle anytime soon.  For Yellow Page publishers – your repair headings are going to become even more important to local consumers. (Source)


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