Where’s my white pages?

Once again YP/AT&T being taken to task for removing their residential white pages from the print directory: http://www.blueridgenow.com/article/20140207/ARTICLES/140209903#gsc.tab=0

As an independent publisher now, I’m glad they do.  It provides a real differentiator between their yellow only directory loaded with mostly national accounts, and our yellow pages (with only local small businesses) which also have a white page section (business & residential intermingled) in a type size you can actually read, and a real community section.

Now that’s a “real” yellow pages….

As the company noted, consumers/users have “other” options.  Sure.  But what they seem to have missed is that if someone is hold a print yellow pages, and using it to look up stuff, why would they want/need to go online for something else?


2 responses to “Where’s my white pages?

  1. Recent statistics show that 84% of adults spend less than 5 hours a day at home where the printed yellowpages are located. Conversely almost 100% of adults carry an internet ready smart device (3G / 4G enabled notebook,tablet or smartphone). Ergo, most adults have 19 hours a day when the main method they have of researching a product or solution is online. Additionally searching for solutions online is a less linear way of finding information (especially considering searching with software is far more assistive than a printed page). Frustratingly for print directories they are caught up in a technology revolution just as disruptive as the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century, the Transport Revolution of the early 20th century, or the rise of electronics and computers between 1950-1980. Regrettably you can roll time back, its is just an inevitable result of progress.

    • Bob:

      Thanks for the stats. Three specific comments for you:
      1) When I visited a local small business owner the other day I asked him about whether his employees can access the internet from their work stations. He indicated NO! (emphatically) as the risks from viruses and other nastiness on the Internet was an issue. We hear that often. SO… if that’s the case that punches some holes I your 19 hours a day access to the Internet theme.

      2) When confronted by another small business owner that “everything was online”, I say ok, we’re running short on printed directories due to the high demand we have, could I offer him $10 to buy back his book (even though he received it originally for free), he declined my offer. He wanted to keep the book in case of an “emergency”

      3) the young entrepreneur I was seated next to at a Chamber event last week got a big scowl on his face when I told him I own a print, online, and mobile yellow pages company. He then smiled and told me how last week his iPhone fell into the sink and shorted out. He was beside himself as he needed several local numbers that day, but then realized he had the directory on his desk — problem solved.

      We’re not frustrated with the increased use of technology these days, we’ve just had to expand the platforms we also publish on. Some want print, some want internet, some want mobile, but all seem to want a choice. That’s what we provide — different ways to find it fast….

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