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How Paper is Made — Did You Know??

We first featured the Nippon Paper Industry plant based in Port Angles, WA, about an hour outside Seattle, back in 2008:  How Paper Is Made.  While the plant has made several tweaks in the process since we visited it, the overall steps are still the same.

Well all of sudden, the newspaper media has just discovered the plant, in this
latest article on the last paper mill in the US

It has rankled me for some time that the industry is not trumpeting this plant in particular, highlighting some of the key notables about how the industry gets its paper.  At a time where the perception is that too many directories are printed, it would seem obvious that the industry must be rapidly neutering forests all over the planet.  The reality is very much the opposite (and a point this most recent news story sadly missed).  The fact is the industry doesn’t need to use virgin lumber for its paper as there is enough saw dust/residual from the milling of trees for the lumber we use in our builds, combined with recycled material which includes recycled phonebooks, and even throw in a little garbage from the city of Seattle (see pictures in the YP Talk article).  Yet despite all of this, the supposedly knowledgeable city government leaders have decided to pursue an opt-out strategy , they bad mouth the industry as not caring about our eco-impact, and totally ignore the 200 good paying jobs and commerce just this one effort generates for the small town it is located in.  Instead, they want to make print
yellow pages the piñata for some phantom “green” surge underway.

So next time you hear a paper athiest complain about Yellow Pages paper, give them the facts…