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Business left out of Yellow Pages says they could lose $1 million in business

Let me see if I have this story out of Canada correct:

a Wayne Keenan of Keenan Concrete Services, who’s business was spending “…$2000-$3000 in that sort of advertising…” and admitted he wanted to pull out of the Yellow Pages, is now complaining that because his business isn’t listed in it, he believes “the error” has the potential to cost his business $1 million.

As noted in the article:

But their stuff-up <error> means we haven’t had a business-related phone call for about two months.

Three simple observations:

1) If you listen to its critics, I thought no one used the print Yellow Pages anymore, except for only decrepit, non-hip, 90 year old seniors who don’t have (or get) the latest technologies???

2) This business owner was going to pull his ads anyway, so now he’s surprised he’s not getting any business calls.  How did he think people were going to find him??

3) If print Yellow Pages is such a bad advertising choice for small businesses, why wouldn’t some super-duper Internet advertising, website, or social network program more than cover his needs??

Maybe the perceptions about print Yellow Pages and digital advertising are a little off…