Let’s use a 5+ year old picture to promote our online money grab

If you can’t sell it, repackage it, spray some cologne on it, and then go pick on someone who is successfully and try to pick at the scraps they leave behind in your wake.

This continues to be the business strategy of one YellowPagesGoesGreen.org, a business directory website at the forefront of the environmentally-conscious “Green” movement…”.  Seriously?  We have noted their sad attempts in the past at a true business strategy by issuing press release after press release after press release, usually with outlandish or down right lies, made up research, or anything else they can scape together so they can try to get someone to pay attention to them and actually spend some money with them. Their favorite is the picture from 5 + years ago of the overflowing phone book recycling bin.

Their website even goes as far as saying they are the  “…official opt-in registry for printed distribution…”  Really?  Who gave them that title?

Now of course, you can add your small business to their site for “just $49.95/year” for which you get??????  I think in some circles that could be considered bogus yellow pages.

Guys, its 2013.  Find a new picture (if you can), or redo your business model.  Oh, by the way, Monday and Tuesday we got 5 calls from consumers asking for new PRINTED YELLLOW PAGES, in markets of less than 50k in population.  Guess they didn’t get your “press release” that the book is dead….

Unfortunately on the internet, all we have is the spam or trash folder for their stuff…

3 responses to “Let’s use a 5+ year old picture to promote our online money grab

  1. WOW, you got a whole FIVE calls from consumers asking for new PRINTED YELLLOW PAGES!! FIVE! GOLLY! That PROVES that print isn’t dead when a whole FIVE people want it! You guys are SUCH a success story! BTW, what are “YELLLOW PAGES”? Are they anything like “YELLOW PAGES”?

    • Yelllow Pagges are what real people with money use when they need a local solution right now, and they don’t trust the Internnet (or is it still the Webb?) and the map thing with 65 dots/flags/(help me here — what is the correct term you use?) that still doesn’t tell them anything about who these businesses are?

      And I’m sorry, today it was 4 more. People. Not clicks.

    • My 8-track tape doesn’t have spell check on it. But glad to see you were sharp enough to figure it out.

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